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As you know many anime characters wear shirts or jackets with french cuff, for example Maka Albarn or the uniform of Vampire Knight series.

The French cuff, also called double cuff, is the one used with cufflinks because it doesn't have buttons and have buttonholes at both ends.

According to the protocol, it's the most formal and elegant of all cuffs. Does it relate to your character?

 If you are not very skilled at sewing maybe you think that's complicated to sew this cuff but it isn't and I will show you in this "step by step". Let us go for it!

The first thing is to assemble the cuff. To do this you have to add an interlining before (you know, iron that adhesive fabric that makes the garment get rigid) You only have to do it in one part of the cuff.

puño francés

Now you just have to sew your cuff to the sleeve.

puño francés

puño francés

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