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No doubt this Daenerys Targayen coat is absolutely wonderful. Who would not like to have one in your closet?

Now, our resources surely will not be the same as ones that has Game of Thrones so, if you are thinking of becoming one, here are our tips: 



- A basic jacket pattern that suits us

- Synthetic hair cloth with similar original color. In this case we don't recommend dyes unless you are an expert.

- Thread: polyester or jeans thread

- Needle: A little thicker than normal # 90 or # 100

- Pins: long and with colored heads, so you will easily find them when you are going to remove them.

- Vacuum cleaner to pick up the furs when cut the fabric or it will appear that you live with 15 cats.


- When you are going to cut the pieces, do it with a short blade scissors, with the fabric inside out and removing the hair. Cut all the pieces in the same direction of hair and one piece at a time.

- Remember to increase the presser foot pressure slightly. Will be parts that you have to sew hand, so don't forget the thimble or you will shred your fingers. If your machine is very simple you probably have to sew everything by hand.

- Bad news: You should lining the coat. Yes, I know that lining a garment is boredom, but here we explain how to do it very simply. Look for a good lining, if possible, that is satin.

The striped patterns in this coat are surely are laser cut but you can try to imitate it by cutting the furs with a razor blade. Don't forget to take a test first.

Here we explain the modification of the patterns:

Daenerys cosplay patterns

Daenerys cosplay patterns

Daenerys cosplay patterns

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