About us

How is CosplAid born?

A few years ago some friends and cosplayers started asking us for help with their cosplays. Specifically with the patterns, because  we are professional pattern makers and also in our free time we like to sew our clothes. Over time we noticed that many of you have the same problem and, after thinking and rethinking it, we have finally decided to give life to the CosplAid project.


Photo: gratisography.com

What is our goal?

Well, we won't lie to you. Our goal is to sell because we need to pay bills like everyone else. That's why we are a store and not an NGO buuuuuut ... also we want to do something that makes us illusion and that we like, something that fill us with joy every day and can contribute something to humanity. Okay, okay ... Maybe that would be very ambitious because we only do sewing patterns and that's not an advance in humanity and neither appears in the history books but you're going to solve many problems and with that we settle and we are happy.

So that's our mission: We are here to help you, inspire you, guide you and also learn with you.

Do you want to make your own cosplay?

Why waste time looking for patterns similar to what you want to do and risking to modify them without knowing about patterns? Forget about that and dedicate time to what is really important. To lovingly sew your cosplay, work on the details and make it the closest thing to your favorite character. We have already done the hard work and we have sewn and tried on all our patterns to make sure they are the closest thing to the cosplay you want to do. Don't be deceived: EVERYONE uses sewing patterns, what does it matter if you do them or are they from another? What really matters is the end result.

What? Can't you sewing? Don't worry, because we will be putting tutorials and instructions to help you sew from the simplest and basic things so that you don't lose. And if you have any doubts, you can always contact us at hello@cosplaid.com

And now? You dare?